No matter what your needs are, we have the right drill for you. Our rubber tire CME 750 is capable of going on and off road. It’s a very versatile drill for easily moving between holes and accessing hole locations. Both drills are capable of drilling more than 130′ with 4-1/4″ augers and 1000′ deep core holes either vertical or  angle holes. The CME 750 also has five winches and two on board water tanks (one on each side) capable of carrying 100 gallons of water in each tank. Just fill them and go!


Our CME 850 track mounted drill is perfect for getting to those hard to reach locations such as in muskeg or just about anything off road! It also has an on board water tank that holds 150 gallons of water. The CME 850 has angle drilling capabilities making it a very versatile drill unit.

Both drills are equipped with (more upon request):

  • 100 feet of 4 1/4″ hollow stem augers
  • 120 AW rod
  • 100′ of H, and N casing and coring equipment
  • Standard MTO vanes, B and N sizes
  • Standard SPT samplers
  • Additional 450 Gallon trailer mounted water tanks
  • Cages and guarding of course!
Red Rocket

Our CME 45B truck mounted drill is the newest addition to our fleet. Ideal for 4″ diameter and smaller well installations. Tower down auger probes for pavement design, low clearance drilling and sampling with an auto hammer. Typically suited for geotechnical and environmental drilling applications using either Solid or Hollow Stem augers.

PP Black Beauty

With the purchase of CoreTech Drilling we now provide environmental and geotechnical drilling services in small places. CCC is now equipped for limited access sites with portable units. Sampling and coring is made easy with our electric drills and pionjar. With the gas powered cat-head and tripod setup those hard to reach spots are a snap. Our driller specializing in small spaces has 15 years experience in working in tight spaces.

  • Pionjar (Jack hammer) for taking spoons when blow counts do not matter
  • 1/4, 1/2 and full weight hammers for blow counts.
  • Hilti electric drills
  • Tripod with gas powered cat-head for easy sampling
  • Fully equipped cube van