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CCC Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling Ltd. is a highly experienced drilling company both in management and field operations; providing geotechnical and environmental drilling services in both Ontario & Quebec.

CCC Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling Ltd. is a licensed Well Contractor through the Ministry of the Environment as well as members of the Ontario Ground Water Association and the Ottawa Geotechnical Group.

CCC has completed numerous subsurface soil explorations and geotechnical projects for clients including architects, civil engineers, and private interests as well as for cities and other governmental bodies.

Project scopes have ranged in size from a few borings to extensive explorations for highways, bridges and multi-story structures. CCC has performed explorations for numerous foundations including explorations for the construction of schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, shopping centers, recreational areas, underground utility improvements, hydrogeological studies, roadway and bridge projects.

We currently have an ATV tire mounted CME 750, a track mounted CME 850, a truck mounted CME 45B, and multiple portable drilling crews.